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 writing on the behalf of 7 players

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writing on the behalf of 7 players Empty
PostSubject: writing on the behalf of 7 players   writing on the behalf of 7 players Icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 8:49 pm

We are a group of 7 irl friends. We are 4 students and the other 3 are in highschool. We're from Romania, we all speak english very well [except 1 guy who has some trouble comprehending]. Activity? Rank us as nolifers. We were in Eximius, we left because the lack of clan activity. Atm we made our own clan BANGers, but we shall take into consideration merging.
Classes LvL
AW 66
PW 65
lolGLAD 57
BD 48
SwS 43
PS 56
WC 56 [boxed]
What we're looking for? Stacked groups and long term parties. PS: We equip ourselves.
I've read ur add on l2blah, I've read ur rulles written on forum. BUT I don't see any policy regarding botting so please straighten me up here.
In case you guys want to contact me ig for further information, you may whisper ingame on the following characters: Ark4i, Arkai or Shpoiler.
Thank you.

EDIT: I've spoke to one of the leaders. Since you guys use botting programs, rQm isn't for us.
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writing on the behalf of 7 players
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